wolty is a journal to save and share every new thing that you learn from a language.

To learn a language we need to get thousands of concepts in our heads and remember them through the years. Leaving everything to our memory leads us to forget half of them, writing them down just leads to a larger pile of notes that we never look up.

WOLTY lets you put your notes online.

about wolty

How do we get to learn what we know about a foreign language? It is very common to start with the essentials in courses and from there on pick up new things gradually on your own, like reading a post on the internet, listening to foreign friends or just looking up some words when you need them.

At the end what interest us the most is the part of a language that comes to us through our experience, to the point in which we can even trace many of the terms we know to the situations in which they appeared. WOLTY aims to get you into the habit of saving the things you discover and the questions you wonder along with this meaningful context. It invites you to create step by step your personal knowledge base of a language.

When you make the effort of posting a note you assimilate that content better. You don't have to write dull word-definitions entries, you can capture this new thing along with the context in which appeared, you can write your impressions and doubts comfortably and discuss with your friends about it. You can even save curious things about your own language, or cool concepts hard to remember.

Learning is hard, but you can unite forces with your friends so they learn from you when you've got a lot to say, and you from them when you've got nothing. In WOLTY asking and helping each other comes as something natural, so if you ever wanted to learn along with your foreign friends, this is a great place for it.

We're starting and this is far from being perfect, but we welcome you if you want to join this from the beginning and help turn this into a wonderful place for your words and all the language students.

WOLTY started thanks to the opportunity that the french ├ęcole ENSEIRB gave to two spanish students to work on a startup mostly developed in english.

The team consists of a computer engineer and a physicist who have been tinkering with computers since kids and who share the dream of bringing useful ideas to reality. They also share a lot of enthusiasm and clumsiness when learning languages, which made them look for ways of using technology to get better at them and bring international students closer.

After the year in Bordeaux they continued working on WOLTY and as freelancers moving from the shared space of the great guys of Loft to Work to the hub for entrepreneurs of Tetuan Valley.

wolty team

Fernando Sainz, Alejandro Riera