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    ¿qué diferencia hay entre give in y give up ?

    me da la impresión de que ambas pueden usarse para decir que te rindes, que desistes de hacer algo, pero give in se usa más para indicar que estás cediendo ante alguien o algo, y give up simplemente para decir que te rindes, no importa ante qué.

    i give up = me rindo, paso, lo dejo, abandono, me doy por vencido, desisto.
    i give in = me rindo, me doy por vencido, tú ganas, desisto, acepto lo que me dices (lo que sucede), cedo

    to unmake = deshacer, destruír, aniquilar

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    • mactheconqueror /spanish /Spain, 21/06/2011 +2

      Give up is more about stopping trying to convince others / understand a point made, etc.

      “I give up. You are making no sense and it is impossible to reason with you”

      Give in is more about yielding to somebody elses ideas/whatever they are trying to force on you.

      “She gave in the Dark Side”

    • fsainz /spanish /Spain, 21/06/2011


    • jonathanhuggins /english /United States, 17/09/2015

      I agree that give in is to yield (ceder). For example to temptation, fear, a screaming toddler. There may be a war of forces or a waiting game or a test of stamina and endurance. Who can withstand the challenge, wins, and whover gives in, loses.

      Give up is more of to forfeit and completely quit or surrender.

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